Thursday, 04/25/2024

Quarterly Market Insights for 1st Quarter 2024

1st Quarter 2024 Market Insights - Improved Labor Supply Has Helped Slow Inflation - Resilient Demand Could Keep Rates High - Stock Market Leadership Broadened a bit in 1Q24 - Election Cycles Often = Volatility and Opportunity.

Wednesday, 01/31/2024

Quarterly Market Insights for 4th Quarter 2023

4th Quarter 2023 Market Insights - Private Credit Boom - Pivots and Landings - Economic Outlook and Investment Policy.

Wednesday, 10/25/2023

Quarterly Market Insights for 3rd Quarter 2023

3rd Quarter 2023 Market Insights - Middle East Conflict - Summer Crosswinds

Friday, 07/21/2023

Quarterly Market Insights for 2nd Quarter 2023

THE “MAGNIFICENT SEVEN” AND NARROW MARKET LEADERSHIP – The Magnificent Seven stocks have benefited from both the perceived safety of their business models and a wave of AI enthusiasm. – This group has added a combined $4.1 trillion of market capitalization in the last six months, roughly the size of Germany’s economy. – The best opportunities for valuation expansion in coming quarters are likely to be in the 493 non-Magnificent Seven S&P 500 stocks.

Tuesday, 04/18/2023

Quarterly Market Insights for 1st Quarter 2023

In this issue: Artificial intelligence (AI) has captured the world’s attention following the November launch of OpenAI’s generative AI chatbot ChatGPT. Microsoft (MSFT), which has a 40% stake in OpenAI, is preparing to challenge Alphabet's (GOOGL) search dominance. Unreliable output, copyright infringement risks, and concerns about content liability could slow the adoption of AI.

Saturday, 11/19/2022

Quarterly Market Insights for 4th Quarter 2022

In this issue: Crypto Meltdown, Year in Review.