• Involves successful wealth generation, as discussed above, as well as effective distribution of accumulated wealth during retirement in the most tax effective manner
  • Approaching and crossing the retirement line changes investment objectives from growth and accumulation to preservation and spend-down, two very different scenarios


Having historically operated as a family office, we are singularly attuned to the needs of today‚Äôs high-net-worth family.  Our multi-family office provides the benefits of a single family office to families with fewer assets than that required to support a family office for a single family, at significantly lower cost, including:

  • Detailed organization of family financial and estate planning affairs
  • Goals-based financial, cash flow and liquidity management and capital sufficiency analysis
  • Asset allocation, investment due diligence, manager negotiation and selection and consolidated custody and performance reporting
  • Trust administration and financial recordkeeping; productive relationships between trustees and beneficiaries
  • Family education, meeting facilitation and governance development
  • Strategic charitable/philanthropic planning
  • Proactive management of family business ownership issues and structures
  • Deep technical knowledge of owning and transferring business interests in trusts, family limited partnerships and LLCs
  • Management and negotiation of provider costs
  • Knowledge and control over all expenses
  • Single point of contact for family members and other providers on daily financial matters