Friday, 03/03/2023

March 2023 Newsletter

Trust Planning: - How to define income - Alternative definitions Investments: - Foreign exchange in inflationary times Tax Currents: - Reminders for 2022 tax returns

Tuesday, 02/07/2023

February 2023 Newsletter

Financial Planning: - A peek behind the curtain - A menu of services Investments: - The ESG investing controversy Retirement Planning: - Big Roth changes

Tuesday, 01/17/2023

January 2023 Newsletter

Retirement planning: New retirement realities, At a glance, SECURE Act 2.0. Trusts: Ask a trust officer. Philanthropy: The role of donor-advised funds.

Saturday, 12/17/2022

December 2022 Newsletter

Trusts: Top ten trust questions. Estate Planning: Who pays the federal estate tax? Alternative Investments: Fine art for the long term?, Winter has arrived.

Thursday, 11/17/2022

November 2022 Newsletter

Trust planning: Inheritance protection plans, Choices for marital trusts. Tax planning: Planning year-end gifts. Retirement planning: Record adjustments

Monday, 10/17/2022

October 2022 Newsletter

Retirement planning: Ready for retirement?, Our services for retirees. Estate planning: An IRA is a tricky estate asset, Intestacies of the rich and famous.