Monday, 05/06/2024

May 2024 Newsletter

Trust planning - “Fiduciary” in the news Estate planning - How to handle an inherited IRA; DNA search leads to complications; “All relatives” may include one’s children

Friday, 04/05/2024

April 2024 Newsletter

Estate planning - Estate planning for your digital assets - Clear intentions required Retirement planning - Your Social Security benefit start date

Tuesday, 03/05/2024

March 2024 Newsletter

Trusts - Ten questions about trusts - Checklist of possible trust purposes - Charitable trusts versus donor-advised funds Tax Currents - Under the radar?

Tuesday, 02/06/2024

February 2024 Newsletter

Trusts - A “Friendly” endorsement of living trusts Investments - Can stocks still go higher? Tax Currents - Digital asset taxation

Friday, 01/05/2024

January 2024 Newsletter

Estate planning - Will 2023 be a pivotal year for estate planning? Lights, camera, action! Fewer estates owe federal estate tax The IRS’ estate and gift tax operations will move into the 21st century

Tuesday, 12/05/2023

December 2023 Newsletter

Tax planning: - Year-end charitable gift planning - A bump in the annual gift tax exclusion - Reporting delayed again Estate planning - Another bump in the federal estate tax exemption